"We started a movement of favor in Airties in 2015. waytosay had been with us through this journey from organizing the ideas to implementing them with mind-refreshing ideas!"

Elif İçören Airties HR Vice Manager

"We started to work with waytosay on the day we met. It was so easy and fast to move on to the implementation with a team that understands you and your needs."

Meltem Taymen B/S/H/ HR Business Partner

"waytosay is our teammate who understands us, has a good command of the HR terminology and with whom we work shoulder to shoulder."

Yeşim Çokeker DeFacto Education and Happiness Senior Manager

"Above all, waytosay family is a good fellow traveller who understands us, who is young, dynamic, brave and fun and with whom we can get in touch at any moment."

Uğur Aksoy Ekol Logistics Organizational Development Manager

"If you have a friend like waytosay, it feels like you walk together with the team and you can transform your trip into an enjoyable adventure."

Tuğba Gök Enerjisa HR Manager Talent Management

"Amacımızın güçlü bir işveren markası yaratmak olduğu noktada yolumuz waytosay’le kesişti. Sen Varsan Güç Bizim’i gördüğümüzde doğru markayı ve doğru insanları bulduğumuzu anlamıştık."

Nursel Ölmez Ateş Ford Otosan HR Director

"waytosay is our open wing, the path, the procedure and the method of our words. We love them!"

Mehmet Ali Daryal Garanti Leasing HR Unit Manager

"It is an amazing experience when the agent that you work together with becomes a part of your team and starts thinking alike and produces something good for you."

Elif Hacıhaliloğlu Senior Culture and Business Communication Specialist

"We have been putting our signature under all good stories that we have been writing with 'Sanofi that unites us' with waytosay for 2 years."

Zeynep Demirbağ Sanofi Corporate Communications Specialist