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Just like every unique thing, waytosay is constituted by people.

These people are in the same frame to add magic in your story...

Each of them is in the same spot where Colombus stopped and looked over the sea before setting off.

To join ‘’Us’’: hello@waytosay.com.tr

Seda Hoşel Kiraz

Managing Partner

She graduated from Cağaloğlu High School and Bogazici University.
Starting her business career in the human resources and consulting, Seda Hoeş Kiraz has undertaken the management of many projects and organizations in the sector of communication and events.
In 2011, she established the creative agency waytosay offering content, design and production services along with her business partner, Emrah Bağdatlı.
Today, she continues her journey with the power of the story and the joy of working with the people she loves.

Emrah Bağdatlı

Managing Partner

He graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Communication.
His production journey which took a start at the end of the first grade of University, in other words in early 2000s, continued in 2004 when he established his own business.
Today, as the co-founder of waytosay, he continues to be in pursue of not only his own business but of being able to do the best work.
Moreover, he believes that he is not alone in this pursuit and a good work can be achieved with a perfect team work.
Emrah Bağdatlı believes in waytosay.

Onur Bulakbaşı

Creative Director

While completing undergraduate and graduate management education above ground; in underground, he preoccupied with many disciplines from architecture to music, from philosophy to semiology, from advertising to design as a phenomenon.
So throughout his career, he has made a great effort to be close to the whole factory, not only to certain stands.
Today, he continues to look for new perspectives turning about his ideas, designs, team and memory, but first himself.

Aslı Şahiner

Account Director

Graduated from Başkent University Public Relations and Advertising.
Born in Ankara grew up watching the stars. She then acquired a taste for communication and astrology, dabbling in communication jobs. Having worked at advertising agencies managing brands, she started wondering how it felt to sit on the other side of the table and wanted to have a taste of the corporate life.
Her style and the music she listens to reflects the 70’s. Though originally from Ankara, she is a lover of the sea and lives in Arnavutköy. She likes dancing, the rain and to do lists.

Fatih Karaca

Account Manager

Following the education of economics, he had a master's degree in Sports Management field. He worked on the people-centered projects with themes of sport, in the fields of marketing communications, corporate communications and internal communications. He loves being a part of waytosay, directing the common goals of people, national stories and low ranking teams forcing to be on the top ranking.

Altuğ Kahyaoğlu

Motion Graphic Designer

He was born in İzmit in 1986. In 2004, he entered the Marmara University, Fine Arts Academy, but he threw himself into the sector before he could finish his education. Since 2011, he has been sleeping with "motion graphic". He follows up computer games closely, he likes the Bengay tiger the most of all other animals.

Selahattin Birgül

Art Director

He graduated from the department of authorship and he also draws. He loves Mustang.

Ümit Kahraman

Film Editor

He was born in Istanbul in 1988. He has been in the media sector since 2008. He has almost worked on almost all reality shows and television channels. His biggest fear is Muge Anli!
He likes the color black, black coffee and hard music.

Başak Tokgöz

Account Manager

Starting out as a researcher, she turned out to be a good marketing communications expert that follows her principles with conviction. Her career journey started at gfk and found herself creating projects for events agencies until she crossed paths with waytosay. She is now a dedicated brand-manager, not believing in all that ‘twaddle’ about inner communication, corporate culture etc.
Seeing the world through a canvas, she had dreams about turning her hand to drawing and painting, a down to earth girl with dreams of opening her own exhibition one day.

Önder Çetin

Jr. Motion Graphics Designer

Graduated from Istanbul Aydin University Radio TV Department. He is a kind of man that believes in progress. A lover of movies and a Quentin Tarantino fan. Loves photography. Here we go!

Zerrin Allahverdi

Office Coordination and Accounting

Aka “Zorro”... Holds bachelor’s degree from Eskisehir University in Business Management. After six years of intense efforts in accounting, she developed passion for production processes. Petite, sympathetic, and fully positive!

Buse Tatar

Jr. Art Director

Graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphic Department. A joyful, fun junior.
Life seems like a fast running race. Today, taking the nickname of the fastest junior, she is able to implement this philosophy to her profession!
Buse likes long journeys, discovering new places, rushing in pursuit of knowledge and taking photographs. Every day, she believes she can get better.

Oldaç Sarı

Jr. Art Director

Graduated from Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphic Design Department. He is a fellow famous with music lists thereof. He has a bright future with the keen strokes he has.
He is a big PlayStation fan. He is also father of Panic and a French Bulldog lover.

Ali Onat Tamergil


Spends the summer making pert observations like ‘Isn’t this year’s summer way hotter than last year’ and being wayward, while winter revolves around Bülent Ortaçgil songs and acting like a gourmet,
Sleepless and grouchy during the day, a night owl and peaceful during the night...
A graduate of advertising, once one of the most experienced interns of the world, now an author.
Likes other people’s company and eating, listening to music and watching movies.

Neslihan İçöz İpek


The agency’s beloved “Neslihan Abla”. She constantly reminds us that happiness is hidden on a warm “Welcome” or in a cup of warm tea.

Emrah Ararat


With him, everywhere seems closer to us. We respect him with his great diligence, agility and of course his character.